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Dominion Impact

James 1:27; Romans 15: 1; This is what we in Dominion Chapel called Pure religion, Dominion Impact is a Charity section of our Organisation representing Impact Ministries International ( IMI ) in Europe.

We are changing the world for Jesus by seeking and saving the lost, while helping Orphans and the Widows. This is the religion that is acceptable as pure before God Our Father. Our Orphanage is based in Honduras, Indian, Philippines, and Liberia.

All of our trips to Honduras are life-changing, and we as the body of Christ can make a difference. There are many things that need to be done. Having a project for the orphanage, and for the children and for the poorest people of Honduras is just one way that we can show our love for God in doing unto others as we would want it done unto us. To give you an idea about what you can do to help.

We go to garbage dumps and bring food, clothes and share the Gospel to the less fortunate people living there. We have revival meetings in the streets. We feed thousands of people who come to our meetings. We have medical teams taking care of hundreds of people. And we also help with construction projects in the City of Refuge orphanage. For example, In 2011 we built a home for a widow, latrines for poor families and a driveway at the orphanage.

Help us make an impact on our world. Donate to save lives, feed children, educate our future leaders, and support communities across the globe while shining the light of Christ. Join us on mission trips to the countries we support, or Minister with us to save souls and plant churches in communities where the Gospel has not yet been heard.

    Ireland Location

    Would you prayerfully consider a contribution to the work that God is doing through Dominion Impact. You have complete control over the amount of the funds you donate when you choose from the specific donation options.

    UK Location

    Three Ways Community Centre Arundel Drive,
    Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 2ND

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    Unit 42 No 3, Rosemont Business park
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